Biotech Bioinfo Workshop

1-Week Hands-on Workshop on Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, New Delhi, India

Venue: ICSCCB, First Floor, Khasra 132, Plot 4, IGNOU Main Road, Near Saint Robin Public School, Neb Sarai, Saket, New Delhi – 110068, India (Nearest Metro Station is Saket on the Yellow Line)

Prof. Dr. Sheo Mohan Singh
MSc(UK), PhD(Germany), PDF(USA,UK,Germany)
Director, ICSCCB, New Delhi, India

Workshop Dates (Timings 10:00am-6:00pm):
14 – 19 Oct. 2023   (Seats available)
04 – 09 Nov. 2023   (Seats available)
01 – 06 Dec. 2023   (Seats available)
01 – 06 Jan. 2024   (Seats available)

This is designed for beginners who wants to learn from scratch. It is a real practical hands-on training on the topics of recombinant DNA technology, PCR and bioinformatics. The biotechnology and bioinformatics contents are interwoven in such a manner that it would help a biologist to understand the bioinformatics tools helpful in the lab and a bioinformatics person to understand the practical lab techniques.

Only 12 seats per batch so please register early to confirm your participation. We will update on the website when seats are full in a batch. Each participant will do all techniques real hands-on.

Workshop Topics:
All topics below will be covered in each workshop by practical hands-on training:

Recombinant DNA Technology & PCR (All techniques will be done real hands-on by each candidate):
1. Plasmid DNA isolation
2. Plasmid DNA agarose gel electrophoresis
3. Plasmid DNA extraction from agarose gel
4. Restriction digestion
5. Ligation
6. Agarose gel electrophoresis of restriction digested and ligated DNA
7. Preparation of competent cells
8. Transformation of plasmid DNA into competent cells
9. Plating of transformed cells on LB Agar plates
10. Standard Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
11. Agarose gel electrophoresis of PCR product
12. SDS-PAGE vertical electrophoresis of proteins
13. Coomassie staining of protein gel

Bioinformatics tools for the above techniques:
1. Bioinformatics of DNA databases
2. Sequence Analysis: Pairwise sequence alignment, Multiple sequence alignment, BLAST tools
3. Designing of PCR primers,
4. Restriction analysis, restriction maps, plasmid maps,
5. Searching for homologous and paralogous sequences,
6. Promoter analysis,
7. Whole genome data visualisation: browsing human and mouse genomic data with the help of NCBI Genome viewer or UCSC Genome browser.

Registration Fees (food & accommodation is not included):
Rs. 7000/-

Registration fee is non-refundable. If seats are not available then it will be refunded.

Methods of Registration:
Please download and fill the Workshop Registration Form and email it (scan or photo) to along with the proof of payment by any of the following payment methods:

NEFT Transfer (or SWIFT transfer for International candidates):
You can pay directly in our bank account by NEFT (Indian) or SWIFT (International) transfer. For bank account details please click on the following link: Bank Account Details

Payment by Google Pay:
You can pay to Mobile No. 9545089202 or Google Pay UPI Id. sheomohansingh-1@okhdfcbank

Payment by Paytm or Paytm UPI:
You can pay to Paytm No. 9545089202 or Paytm UPI Id. 9545089202@paytm

Payment by PhonePe App:
You can pay to UPI ID sheomohan1@ybl by using PhonePe App on your mobile phone.

WORKSHOP CERTIFICATE will be issued to all participants on last day.

Bachelors, Masters and PhD students, medical students, doctors, lecturers, scientists, industry members in the field of Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemical Sciences and related subject areas who are interested in learning hands-on laboratory techniques.

Accommodation Info:
Accommodation should be booked in nearby PG hostels/guesthouses or hotels directly by the candidate. For more information and any help in finding accommodation please email to

For enquiries please email or call:
Tel No: +91-7798490002